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Each tea purchase comes with organically and ethically grown loose Teaswan tea, carefully blended to create the perfect cup.

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  • Doke Black Fusion Black Tea

    Doke Black Fusion Black Tea

    Rated 4.67 out of 5
    50gm 20 Cups
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  • giddapahar black tea

    Giddapahar SFTGFOP 1 SPL Black Tea

    Rated 4.60 out of 5
    50gm 20 Cups
    $15.81 Select options
  • Herbal Fasting Chai

    Herbal Fasting Chai

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
    100gm 40 Cups
    $7.48 Select options
  • Herbal Five-Spice Tea

    Herbal Five Spice Tea

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
    100gm 40 Cups
    $7.48 Select options


CTC Masala Chai

The CTC masala tea makes strong liquor with spicy flavor and aroma. It has multiple health benefits due to the presence of cinnamon, ginger, cloves, bay leaves and cardamom. It cures stomach ailments and improves the overall digestive system.

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Doke Green Diamond – Organic

This organic green tea is packed up with vital anti oxidants to boost up your energy level. The leaves are collected during the first flush. The hand-picked, hand-rolled leaves give a fresh leafy-floral aroma that lightens and brightens your mood

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Herbal Blood Cleanser Chai

This is a healthy tea with the combination of ginger, pepper, licorice, cloves, nutmeg and turmeric. Due to the presence of turmeric, it works as a great stomach tonic and blood purifier; the anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric helps

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Doke Rolling Thunder – Organic

This variant of Oolong tea is processed by expert methods of sun-drying and oxidation to yield a nice buttery flavor and fruity aroma. Oolong teas are loved by tea connoisseurs for the rich flavors and variety of fragrance.

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teaswan tea timeline

1 week Teaswan

Normal te vendor timeline

12-24 weeks everyone


The customer care has been most helpful. You are most generous with your time and interest! Nowadays it's hard to find individuals who really care about their customers. So thanks a lot Teaswan!

Sheldon Schwartz

I just want to say that I am extremely satisfied with your customer service and with many of the teas that were provided. Thank you for your amazing service thus far!

Jayson Thomson

Glenburn moonshine - It is light and smooth to the palate with no off flavors ( grassy, woody, smokey), but also lacks the bite/ astringency I am partial too. But admittedly I didn't miss it and it seemed a perfect cup of tea to relax with in the early evening prior to dinner. I will just say that it is a really nice change of pace from all the other teas and I like it a lot more than any other white tea that I've tasted.